[Architect] Current Project(s)

Heights - Trecherous Mountain Side Trails.



Hillside - A Logging Map Based Around Long Hills

~ Unable to Produce Height Map At the moment ~


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~ Heights - Will Require STMD+ Mod due to Height Does Exceede Max Height Limit ~

Nice to see more height map maps emerging!

@ArchitectWilliam Just the name of the map got my attention and looking a those height maps, You got a New fan, looking forward to that map, hey are you "TheArchitectWilliam" from Wololo forums?? or just named similar?

@forces Probs just Coincidence, I dont really use too many forums.

Nice work man!

How long have you been modding?

@riskywisky A Few Months now still got tons to learn and tons to create.

Fell off the trail [T.T]/*"
Mountainside Trail

Working the paths out then will make it bit harder with divets and rocks and juck on the road

Didnt Really like the Greyness of it and reverted back to grasslands, added trees as well to make it seem less empty

oh youre william from steam! man i loved your first map looking even more to test this one out

hey you're always in cab view mode??

@forces Yeah, i am not too fond of the 3rd cam view,

Yeah its me Williams From Steam haha

ATM I am Trying to make Custom models but im tryna Unwrap models and get textures going but i cant get the wrap the way i want by doing point to point seam selection. idk if its the problem with bringing a model in from Sketchup. Havent found a way around, and any tutorial i found is from older version 3ds max.

@architectwilliam sketchup models once you transfer it to 3ds max the uv will get mess up 90% of the time you try
try to save it as .obj and import the .obj and .mtl to 3dsMax you might have better luck getting the UV to export

@forces I export the model as 3ds file most of the time

so i dont know if that has a nicht into that dealio with the UV Wrap

@architectwilliam not sure, i do know 3dsMax has issues with .3ds files sometimes but hey if you ever need help let me know, i can always do the maps for you and send you back the models as .fbx

@forces would you be up for the that be great,

yeah, i am not to experienced with 3ds max or blender..(i can do your physic/fluid stuff tho) i have both. I am experienced in sketchup due to it being a software my feild of work uses.

@forces Yeah, I tried using .obj but that came up with an error

Exporting out of SketchUp to .fbx is better. You don't get so many double sided polygons.

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i have seen a couple things about this height map stuff. at the moment i only have one question. the terrain seems slightly exaggerated to me and i am wondering how much can a person "fine tune" doing height maps this way?