An idea for reloads

In Day of Infamy, I like moving without any extra ammo, so I run out quickly, and realized when you quickly get ammo out of a resupply box you still go through the whole reloading animation of taking the old magazine out. And while it is rare to live long enough to use all of your ammo, I was wondering, when I am out of ammo, if in Sandstorm will I be able to take the empty magazine out of my gun so it becomes faster to reload after taking ammo from the box so, if necesarry, I can shoot again as fast as possible.

Step by step idea:
Run out of ammo -> Take out empty mag anyway -> quickly grab ammo from box (not full resupply) -> put fresh mag in gun

This is just an idea considering how there are new reloading mechanics, a shorter version would just be: Can we take empty mags out even if we have no other magazines left?

good idea! now the real challenge here, is finding an actual appropiate time to make use of such feature.. 👍