Bug found with logs on trucks. [Solved]

I was reading about a bug with the logs on a truck. So I loaded a truck with logs and drove around to see what happened. Nothing happened until the truck tipped over. when tipped over, the logs turned into a rock.

I was recording it just in case and this is what happened.

Youtube Video

EDIT: I found the bug. It's a modded rock model from a modded map named The Badlands that used the .xml code from the medium logs load. lol. It still maybe something to look into. I dunno but will just leave this here for others to see.

EDIT2; The rock causing this error has been fixed now and the map works fine now.

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very nice find Tattoo, this is a very good example of why makers need to watch what they are doing when creating things. much like when maker back in the day would use the regular log files without changing the file names. breaking the game so you could not spawn logs for loads.

You're awesome dude! I've had to ditch some quality mods to pinpoint the bug and I was blaming trucks. Turns out it was a map. Now I have to be more careful around maps.