Rename truck's

I'm new to modding and
I'm trying to learn how to make mods.
Im edit mods whit Notepad ++.
but I do not want to replace the mods from the Workshop.
for example.
I am editing a Kraz-255
and will rename it Kraz 255 costume.

or if I use Mods from Mudrunnermods that have the same name as Workshop Mods.
I want two of the same truck, one that is original and one I've changed a bit.

I will not upload mods I have edited that other one has created.

Just want to learn how to make mods and try some little things.

Go to the config and change the value to the name you want, that changes the name in-game and you can change the names of the classes files and mesh files to prevent errors when loading the mods, if you do this you have to make sure that you changed the script in the .XML files as well to keep the mod working and also you have to change the config again, but now the ID value to the name of the classes file, but I'm not sure if this last part (changing all the names) is necessary to keep the mod working.

Hope that this helps a little.

All you need to do is rename the XML for the truck in Media\classes\trucks and rename the billboard for the truck in Media\billboards\trucks. Same name for both...obviously.

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Ok thanks. So if i change the name on the .XML file in the classes map, will the name on Addonsocket and tries will change as well. So i still have the addon's to the truck.

@dragonb1988 The names of the XMLs for the addons and wheels don't need to be changed.

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Thank you very much for the answers.

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