[FIXED (maybe?)][PTS 25.1] By the Lake map, Southern and Northern watchtower switched by name

On the map By the Lake, the two watchtower to unlock with the contracts called "Guardian of the Lake" and "Spirit of the River" are switched in term of their name.

Guardian of the Lake - Deliver to the Southern Watchtower
Sans titre.jpg

Spirit of the River - Deliver to the Northern Watchtower
Sans titre.jpg

But the Southern Watchtower is at the top of the map (north) and the Northern Watchtower is closest to the bottom of the map (south)
Their names should be switched.

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Official release
Hmm ... the names of the watchtower have been changed, yes, but now they are changed as Western and Eastern ... even though they are at the North and South ....
So anyway, let's just agree to disagree hahaha