[FIXED] [PTS 24.1] Crane reference distance attach point


Present on the PTS and since the beginning, every cranes of the game seem to use the truck they are installed on, as a reference, to determine if a winch point can appear on any cargo we want to attach to.

So in many situations, the boom of the crane and the green limit circle are more than close enough of a cargo but no winch point appear on the cargo.

To make it appear you have to get the truck closer to the cargo.

Every crane should use the tip of its boom as the reference to determine if if a winch point can appear on a cargo.

On the pictures below you can see that the container is well inside the green limit crane circle, yet no attach point appear on the container.

Sans titre.jpg

Sans titre.jpg

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Here is the proof

Here the cargo container is just beyond the winch limit of the truck
Sans titre.jpg

Yet I can't hook it with the crane
Sans titre.jpg

But if I get the truck close enough so that the container is within the truck winch limit
Sans titre.jpg

Then I can attach the container with the crane
Sans titre.jpg

Still present in PTS 24.2

Very annoying, I agree

Still present in PTS 24.3.

Still present in PTS 25.0

Still present in PTS 25.2

Official release, fixed, thank you!!

I haven't tried every single variant of every crane but I did test every different model of crane (big ru, big us, big us2, small us, small ru, tatra, the new addon, bandit) and they all worked.