Max Level characters

In Mordhiem I felt like there was no incentive to play with level 10 characters other than in story missions since all that you could get out of it was them getting injured or dying. I hope in Necromunda that this is not the case. My fix for this would be to bring back the vetrancy system but make it exp based and gain exp for it only by max level characters gaining exp. Any other ideas or thoughts on the matter?

I understand the feeling, especially when leveling a new character took so long as well. At a certain point the risk reward becomes questionable, and when you max level a Warband it's sort of an end game, you get to the peak and then all you can really do is lose it.

But then on the other hand, where does unlimited leveling lead? Is it going to be fun, or lead to unbeatable characters that a fresh recruit simply dies like a Red Shirted character on a Star Trek hostile alien life episode, except your main character really do die.

I'm not sure what the balance is. I feel like a cap is less noticeable when it's a high number, like 100, and make lower tier characters worse, yet no so bad that they have no hope to come out on top. In Mordheim the only hope a low tier had was to only pile in to ongoing fights and hope they don't get targeted, tactics besides getting more of your guys in the fight were limited.

At the same time, if you're more likely to lose your high level characters, yeah you're less inclined to want to field them. I think the medical system could use some help there. A little less roll of the die, at least in permanence. Necromunda has more in lore options to keep persistent wounds/death and still have options to counteract them. Like if you lose a leg then you should be able to buy replacement cybernetics. Naturally if it's just some Juve they'll have to earn it, at least in my gang.

Even death can be temporary if they really want, depending on the Dev's thoughts on Chaos and Corruption. There's more than a few ways to lore respawn, though all are Heresy of various shades. Though that would entail a different set of risks that I don't think is currently in the scope of the game.

This also ties with another gripe that i've noticed in Mordheim: Grinding your new guys/replacement guys from rank 0 to rank 6, when they become mildly threatening. It was terrible, specially knowing that the enemy warband would have a rank 0 as well, but it was randomized. In this case, you can have a rank 0 leader, but the enemy might have a rank 8 leader, but a rank 0 henchman, which is quite lame.

Still, i don't think the leveling system is wrong, since it's quite damn nice (Still, getting 3xp for the secondary objective is quite bs), but making characters more threatening by having different weapon tiers that are objectively better in terms of damage than other weapons, making a juve with a plasma gun a quite high threat to your hero characters.

It might not be perfect, but i think it might help