A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Performance Mode is live!

We're so thrilled to announce the release of a new patch for A Plague Tale: Requiem, bringing a Performance Mode that includes additional options to optimize the graphical performance for you to enjoy Amicia and Hugo's adventure the way you prefer!

The 60 FPS option entails lower graphical settings. PS5 and Xbox Series X players can thus choose default Resolution Mode settings to fully enjoy the graphical excellence of A Plague Tale: Requiem; or the Performance Mode that scales the graphical resolution down, instead enhancing the gameplay sequences with even smoother action at 60 FPS.

Meanwhile, today’s new patch also adds options for PC players, allowing you to optimize the game’s graphical performance.

All platforms, Xbox Series S included, also receive several bug fixes.


• Added new "Focus" names in the credits.

  • Fixed "helpers" lines not working as expected in "A Burden of Blood" and "In our Wake" chapters.
  • Fixed bugs related to the use of carts in the "Protector's duty" chapter.


• Added options on PC to save CPU usage and gain performance on minimal configurations:

  • Adjustment of the number of animated rats displayed on the screen to reduce CPU usage.
  • Adjusting the refresh rate of the rats on the screen to reduce CPU usage.
  • Adjust the refresh rate of the characters to reduce CPU usage.


• Added a new option to set the graphic mode of the game:

  • Resolution: Higher resolution and fidelity but limited to 30 frames per second.
  • Performance: Aim for 60 frames per second at lower resolution and fidelity.

Thank you all for your ongoing support support, and have fun!

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Better later than never... but a patch like this was necessary last year when game was released. Now, after 7 month, not many are interested into this game anymore.

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Would it be possible to fix ray tracing? I have very high fps with rtx but it creates unstability and i can be at 150 average fps but have very pronounced drops in fps and disabling rtx fix the issue. RTX is not optimized for this game plz fix it