Feature Request: Rally waypoints overlay for maps for competitive offroad gameplay

Hi Team,

Hauling logs sure is fun, but it would be nice to have something more to the game.

Maybe you can consider adding a new gameplay mode that adds waypoints/checkpoints to certain locations on the map, which the participating players then is supposed to drive to in the correct sequence and reach the last waypoint the fastest to win.
This would inspire a competitive off-road rally, which I think could be a really fun game-mode (and hopefully not that hard to implement either).

  • If you turn over or get stuck, instead of recover to garage you recover to last checkpoint.
  • The checkpoints information could be created by the player or by other users and downloaded from steam workshop and applied as overlay on the map it was intented for.
  • Creates new unique offroad rally experiences and replayability for existing maps.

Another thread on the very same subject from Steam Mudrunner forum:

Check this video and tell me this feature wouldn't be awesome in maps like these?
Youtube Video