Continues a multiplayer session with mods

Hey guys!
I want to continues a multiplayer session with a friend, in wich we used mods. The host can join that game and use the same vehicle mods, having that in the same location that he left. And i can join the session too, but for me the vehicle locations are reseted and instead of modded vehicles, puts me the predefined vehicles.
There is a way to can join the session being client, with the same vehicle mods that we used?
Thanks in advance!

Nope. in current state of game you can't.

What a pity. I hope devs take a look at that. Thanks for the response!

That's weird we did a map with a friend and had no trouble with our moded car and we loaded the same map twice since it was really big and everything was in the same place each time for both of us.
One truck mod(steam workshop) was present only plus the moded map and stock truck.

The only thing you need to be carefull is not enter an other multiplayer session in between otherwise the save is erased or you have to make a back up and place it back later.
Also i think i saw a tool for that on mudrunner mods if you don't want to do it manually.

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