PTS Update (02.02.2023)

Hello Runners!

A new update is now live on the PTS, don't hesitate to give us some feedback!

Find more details about the changes below:

Mod editor

  • Added DLC 9 cargo types: CargoGold, CargoLogsMedium_Burnt

Other Changes

  • Memory optimization
  • Fixed a bug where the New Game + banner was missing from the Pause menu
  • Fixed prices for ZiKZ 566A and Derry Special 15C-177
  • Various fixes for fluid mechanics
  • Various collision fixes
  • Various render fixes
  • Localization fixes

Hello Devs,
I have tested the Update from today. The Problem with the Water is still existing in the two Watertrailers when I´m change the Map. When I´m only change the Truck on the same Map the Water isn´t disapering. The two Trucks with the Watertank-Addon can hold the Water even if I change the Map. So if the Watertrailers have the same behavior as the Trucks it will be fine.

Hi Devs, any news on the Ontario Contest Rewards Discrepancies as per my previous post - 'Ontario Contest Rewards Discrepancy' of 26 January?

Little problem with the label on the "Transfuse" screen. The water from the water carrier trailer is labeled with the same name as the truck that it is attached to, as seen below. It should be labeled "Water Carrier Trailer" instead.


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@Mzulft My water tanks are still dry.

2023-02-03 small.jpg

Same problem here in two saves with the two water towers that not needed to be build.
But these saves are before this patch started.
On a new startet game in Ontario after this patch, I got water in this towers.

ee58b5d4-b60f-4436-bcf1-65dda96c1eb5-error opening the map.PNG
Can You offer Any assistance with this?
opening/uploading of My Editor Maps. Both in The Game and PTS Editors.
I've already been around the block with Saber, Tried a slew of Forums too. No answers at all.. please assist if you can
Mr. Mzulft Community Manager
Thank you in advance for your time in this matter..