[PARTLY FIXED/PTS 21.3] Derry Special 15C-177 FRONT collision boxes a bit too big

The new PTS 21.2 update has fucked up some of the collision boxes of the new Derry. They're way bigger than they're supposed to, specially the cab and rear hitboxes, as shown below:

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video




Thanks for Amynue for the pics and for noticing it

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The issues have been mostly fixed with PTS update from 02/02.

The rear part of the Derry is now fully fixed:


The front, however, is still a little big, as shown below:


This is the closest the truck can get to an obstacle:


Also, the steps to get in the cab has a hitbox that's centered for some reason:



great example how feedback is destroying good games

we had offroad game and close copy of beautiful special (!) vehicle, with solid fronts suspension, made from SOLID metal and rubber (both cant penetrate solid rocks and mud).

…. gamers whine - “we cant fly over terrain” (in f.in offroad game, on f.in special vehicle)

devs listen (omg…) and now we have plain bricks with wheels, the whole suspension and axles area are transparent, on both vehicles from this season - derry and zikz

(just bought Y3 pass)

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If someone wants to complain about something more in the Derry Spesh, have a close look at its front bumper options.

last patch also removed collisions from Mack defense axles!!((
player base is really soft, unfortunately

its time to remove offroad title from its name(