PTS Update (26.01.2023)

Hello Runners!

A new update is now live on the PTS, don't hesitate to give us some feedback!

Find more details about the changes below:

Mod editor

  • Fixed a bug where the ‘’State’’ field was missing in the settings of the distribution

Other Changes

  • Added new addons for ZiKZ 566A and Derry Special 15C-177
  • Setup was updated for ZiKZ 566A and Derry Special 15C-177
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘’Water Station’’ icon was displayed as the ‘’Fuel Station’’ icon in the rewards for some tasks and contracts of the ‘’Ontario’’ region
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘’Water’’ icon was displayed as the ‘’Fuel’’ icon in the garage for the ‘’Fire tank’’
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘’Water’’ cargo couldn’t be loaded on ‘’The Albany River’’ level (Ontario) in the COOP session
  • Various render fixes
  • Localization fixes

Thx for the update - the game seems to load faster (startup) and I was able to complete the Old Oil Rig (drilling equipment now available).

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New bug that came with PTS 21.2 (not big enough to have its own thread, so I'm posting it here):

The snow and water textures on the map view are gone from White Valley, Alaska.
This seems to be caused by level_us_02_03_new_map.pct in shared textures, which has a new hash and the texture looks to be corrupted.
Also for White Valley, level_us_02_03_new_fog_height.pct has similarly changed hash but is at the same file size.


thanks to nakedDave on the discord for figuring it out

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Having just completed 'Old Oil Rig' contract with help from this latest update to 100% completion, this was encountered on my return to the garage in The Albany River.
Screen Shot 01-27-23 at 05.24 AM 001.JPG
Screen Shot 01-27-23 at 05.25 AM.JPG
The bridge road surface has somehow become misaligned.
Thanks devs!

How do I get the water towers to fill with water? What step(s) am I missing?

@N420DV probably playing with Metric units if you haven't yet, since first version of the PTS, there was a bug that prevented any water tranfers using Imperial ones, at last is should've been fixed by now.

@Nextej Unfortunately, that didn't resolve the issue. I wonder if I needed to start the entire region using metric measurements... Oh well - too late for that now.

Guess I'll have to wait for them to fix it.

@Mzulft said in PTS Update (26.01.2023):

don't hesitate to give us some feedback!

My water towers are dry. I've built all the water towers I can, and none of them contain a drop of water. I cannot build anything more, as I am out of supplies. More warehouses will open up when the fires are put out, but I cannot put out fires without water.

What does it take to fill my water towers with water?

Pray for rain!
Please ban me! 😶