"Vehicles Found" statistic in Ontario

At the current state of PTS, Ontario shows to have 4 vehicles to be found on both of its maps, while there is in fact 4 vehicles to be found, only 3 of them are being counted up, leaving player with 3/4 vehicles found at the end of the day. This likely happens because on the second map (Burned Forest) a Freightliner 114SD truck can be found and used, however this truck has a flag Locked set to false, while it should be set to true for it to be findable and bring the counter to 4/4.f350a6c5-35c2-4c55-be17-97e6fcf491df-image.png
It's important to fix it now, because otherwise upon release, players that will find Freightliner before a hotfix can be shipped, will likely be stuck with 3/4.

Also, since one of the vehicles you may found is a vehicle from another DLC the player may not own (CAT TH357 from Season 2), it may cause another problems with players being stuck at 3/4 (assuming Freightliner will be fixed by then). Look into that too, I'm unfortunatelly not having that much time to do it myself.