PTS 21.1 - Water tower issue(?)

If there is a mission to build the water tower, why can't we get water from it afterwards?
What's the point?
And why can it only hold 3,500 litres of water?
At first I thought there were other missions to complete, but no, because I only have one mission left to complete the (broken) oil rig...

Water joke!

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@Jóska-Pista As far as I'm concerned (haven't tried it yet) you first need to deliver water to this tower, when that is done, this tower and connected towers will be filled with water and became infinite I presume? It's an actual game mechanic that so far is not explained anywhere it seems.

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Interesting idea, but why take water to the tower when I can take it straight to the fire fighting area?

@Jóska-Pista to correct myself, I'm not sure about making it become infinite, but you can in practice teleport water from one part of the map to the other, but I honestly don't think it is anyhow useful besides maybe the triple-towered network on Burned Forest.