[FIXED] New trucks extremely overpriced?

The cost to buy the new Derry Special 15C-177 and the new ZiKZ 566A are ridiculous. They are extremely overpriced. Not sure if this is intended.


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I have $255 million so this doesn't really bother me. 😀

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The prices are still stupidly expensive. Not fixed, and I hope also not intended.


why shitpost to the real issues?

most of dlc vehicles are overpriced, small chance to experience it in hard mode

i may understand high prices of modern vehicles like boar or derry, but rusty oldtimers like maz 502 (compare it with his brother maz 505 on picture above…) or old 8x8 tatra - no!
its a bullshit!

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Especially since it takes quite a long time in HardMode before you can afford a new vehicle. There you think twice about which vehicle you buy.
Currently ( Season 8 ) you can earn around 4.5 million in HardMode ... as long as you don't sell an infinite number of potatoes.


never seem millions in hm, i don’t touch free fuel, pay for periodic maintenance and some other homemade spendings)

It doesn't matter if you use the gas tanks that are lying around or not. In total, you currently earn around 4.5 million in all regions together. What you get out of it is something else.

But I personally like to play with the freely available petrol, collect it everywhere and try to spend as little as possible. Only buy gas when necessary and don't buy trucks.

Someone once posted a table on reddit of how they keep track of what they earn and spend. I liked the idea and adopted it in Excel.

Anyone interested can take a look here:

Prices have been fixed with PTS 21.3.

Derry now costs 180.000
Zikz now costs 103.200


well, its much better now, thx for raising this issue.
Still strange that old Maz 3 times higher than newer version, but we can handle)