[FIXED?] New ZiKZ and new Derry cannot tow carrier trailers with the Fire Tank addon installed, despite seemingly being able to

The new ZiKZ 566A and the new Derry Special 15C-177, if equipped with the Fire Tank addon, cannot tow any carrier trailer at all (fuel, service, water, log, generator, maintenance, sideboard, flatbead trailers, etc), despite the tow being visually there. As shown in images below:


Thanks to Dec on the discord for pics and for noticing it

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I have to add that EVERY SINGLE truck can do the Fire Tank addon + carrier trailer combo. EXCEPT for the ZiKZ 566A and the Derry Special 15C-177.

This is a specific problem with the exclusive variant of the Fire Tank for both of these trucks.


This problem has been partially (or totally?) fixed with PTS 26/01 update.

The ZiKZ 566A now has the option to hitch trailers with the Fire Tank addon equipped.
The Derry Special 15C-177, however, still does not. This seems to be an intended choice, as the ladder on the fire tank on the Derry visually blocks the hitch.

So I guess we can consider the problem fully fixed.


modders will give us the ability to attach trailers even if this means they glitch through the ladder (I don't really care about how that looks).