A Plague Tale: Requiem unveils story details in a new trailer!

We're absolutely thrilled to unveil more narrative elements in this new A Plague Tale: Requiem Story Trailer!

Youtube Video

New encounters ahead

As Amicia and Hugo set out to find a mysterious island in the hope of ending the curse which runs through Hugo’s blood, they find themselves having to rely on the help of the people they meet.

Walking into foreign territory, the young De Runes are unlikely to make it alone… but how much trust can they place in strangers? The answer seems as uncertain as the island is beautiful and terrifying.

A Plague Tale: Requiem releases October 18 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC and in Cloud Version on Nintendo Switch. The game will also be available Day One with Xbox Game Pass for Console, PC and Cloud. Click here to preorder.

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First fix the horrible optimisation for this game on pc... 40 fps on 4090 on 4k... what a pathetic joke... and not even breath taking landscapes... come bk to earth guys... look in naughtydog garden... they provide breath taking games on best fps even on mid low systems... wake up guys! Unncharted... days gone... not even a bug to report...

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