Crash at Startup

I have tried every option and searched every forum. Both Spintires and Spintires: MudRunner crash on startup. Flashes then goes back to desktop. Spintires has worked fine for me for years. the error I see in the mudrunner log states "vertex texture fetch not supported." I have a GTX1080.

Recently updated your graphics driver? If so, you could try rolling back to a previous driver. Good luck.🕶

@wdhurley, if not will help the, that woman suggested that man from above:

Run Steam and click LIBRARY.
Click 'Spintires: MudRunner'.
Press and hold the Shift key then click 'PLAY' button.
Quit the game or once the game has crashed:
Open 'Windows Explorer' or 'File Explorer' from the taskbar.
Open the 'Local Disk (C:)' from 'Computer' or 'This PC'.
Open the folder 'Users' then your Windows User Account folder.
Open the folder 'AppData' () then the folder 'Roaming'.
Open the folder 'SpinTires MudRunner'.
) The 'AppData' folder is a hidden folder by default, to view this folder:

Please provide the game log (file 'Log.txt').
Upload it on any file sharing, or directly on the server forum and give a link.