Obviously we all (most of us anyway) want this game to be realistic. We love to move slow, tactical, and as a team. But one issue my entire friend group has been having is the AI with their sprinting in and one shotting us in less than a second. Now, if they're actively engaged in a firefight with me I understand it, but where it gets really noticeable is when I am tucked into a dark corner, haven't fired yet, I am already aimed down sights at a door, and they still run in and get the first shot off.

Most of my group has the same issue, and it gets more and more frustrating to lose due to aimbotting AI as opposed to skilled AI. They need to more consistently stop, crouch and then shoot, instead of headshotting while running, especially through doorways and windows.

One thing that I feel would help in this, if my suggestion matters at all here, is that I'd love to see 1 additional second added to the minimum threshold reaction time of AI against players. This should only kick in if the player is NOT already engaging the enemy. Obviously an open firefight means faster reaction time. This should also take effect at night. Too often I'll peak a window at 75 meters, in the dark, not even fully see the silhouette of the enemy and BAM. I'm dead. So it would be really awesome to see a very small increase to enemy initial reaction time.

In addition, I'd love to have the game chat work better. Maybe 1 in 4 games it works, otherwise it's communications blackout even with my own party squad.