Game crashes immediately please help

Just bought on steam, tried both steam launcher and icon launcher in folder, run as administrator (win7 64bit), tried all the redistribution files, updated video drivers, disabled nvidia surround and only on one monitor now, followed all the tips and fixes in the steam forums, borderless and windowless modes, all controllers unplugged, verified game files integrity, disabled steam cloud, tried forcing lower resolutions in config file, uninstalled/reinstalled. Really running out of ideas. Without touching anything after install it goes through the saber launch screen, then to the tutorial screen and can't click on "ok" button. If i run borderless or windowed it goes to "loading" screen then what appears to be a menu screen background with no menu and the background is often a different picture. Occasionally on some of my attempts a window would pop up saying oops the game crashed. Uploaded dxdiag0_1524887969082_DxDiag.pdf

When you start the game hold shift it will generate a log in your mudrunner folder after the crash paste it here .