While I enjoy what you guys have been doing to enhance the experience, however that being said all three sets need some love.

For starters I'm going to be comparing all three sets to the Bloodied Proteus Set which is arguably the best set in the game boasting high stability and 369 defense at rank XX. This is with Ablative Array V.2 active (extra defense while at high energy)

Lets start with the Asclepius set, it boasts a measly 266 defense with low stability at XX, I know the frame looks light but much like many sets should at least border on 300 defense with buffs. Secondly its set bonus is very weak for late game play

For starters the set revolves around buffing Medi-Voltaic Injections which is nice, HOWEVER the best version of this implant caps at 100 Health, and is only buffed to 150 Health. Which is very nice, but again very weak compared to using Bloodied Proteus which when using the best Vital Injection gives an astounding 450 Health compared to the stock 360.

Secondly its other bonus which gives back health per attack while energy is full (a pretty difficulty thing to achieve early game, and requires some good investments late game) only gives back about 7-11 health per attack. This bonus needs to scale based on the players health, this bonus on playthrough 1 would have been incredible but where I am late into NG++++ this bonus is absolutely useless.

2 suggestions here...

Add a Medi-Voltaic Injection v.6, stats will be as followed

Core Power Consumption 16

Health Restored 250

Energy Consumed 40

With the set bonus being a 50% heal increase that would bring it up to 375 making it at least on par to a regular Vital Injection v.5, I'm not exactly sure on how much cost is reduced but for late game play i think its a solid trade off considering that my usual set up consists of 21 450 Health injectables (and it could be much higher, but I like to have high energy all the time)

Next the health on hit needs to be percentage based on the players total health, I think 3-5% per hit would be more than enough to make it an appealing option over the Proteus passive heal, as with 1000+ health you would now be gaining 30-50HP late game a hit while first timers would still only be getting 5-10 due to them having a significantly smaller health pool potential.

Next lets talk about the Nano Ward set, well its just terrible. Blocking is still 100% useless, combine the set bonus and the Gyro-Stabilizer v.2 and I still cannot find a single enemy that doesn't instantly break my guard in a single attack despite having 2 bonuses that reduce block costs and 265 Stamina. I can't comment on the Nano Explosion due to how absolutely brutal trying to block anything is as in NG++++, I've tried to get a few timed blocks in, just end up getting mauled instantly.


Increase the parry window when the set is equip, which would at least make pressing the block button once in a while a good idea

Decrease how stamina costs for blocking attacks by about 50%, this is an all around buff to the player, then further reduce that by another 25% for the Nano set

Lastly we have the Angel set which is the only useful of the 3 for late game play, my only complaint is that it is a high stability suit with only 311 defense. Sure it has very high elemental resistance but that hardly makes up for it. Bloodied Proteus for example has just 20 less Elemental Res, however has 89 more Crush defense, over 100 more Slash defense and 57 more Thrust defense.

Basically I think the set needs to make the player a little tankier

I appreciate any feedback on this topic 😉

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