Console Players Suggestion Box

Please comment here if you have ideas that might make the game more immersive or if you have any gameplay (not technical) related issues. This is mainly for the coop modes, so refrain from discussing pvp content here.
Personally I've noticed a few issues since the Dec 8 update.
On hard-core, the bots are overly aware and accurate. The odd thing is that they will spray everything but you within 5m but at 100m, they will drop you with on shot. I like the behavior or some of the bots since the update, they really make you check corners. The biggest problem since the update is that cover does not work ( bots shoot you through brick walls.) I understand wood and even cars but some of the cover should stop rounds better than they do. Also bots at night detect you even though you are in a very dark area with suppressors. Another bug issue is that the ir flashlight and laser are way to bright. They just wash out your sights. The game chat dropping out in the middle of the game still is a problem.

The good things: The new hard-core mode since Dec 8 is definitely more challenging which I like. Again some of the bots are a little to hacker like. New weapons are great. Maps are great. Load out system is much more concise which is nice

Suggestions: reduce the detection parameters at night. Reduce the accuracy of certain types of bots and long range. Only marksman and gunner should be accurate at long range. Increase time to aim for ai that use the 50 cal sniper. I've seen a teamate using a p90 get shot faster by an ai using a barret 50 cal. Allow team reapawn on every other object( the intent is to make the game more challenging.

So I’m interested in this game but hearing of crossplay is a concern.

I have no issue with the concept per se, but the implementation on most games neglects one of the most important aspects which is control device.

I would like the ability to limit matchmaking to only those using the same control method as me, irrelevant of whether using crossplay or not.

Otherwise you mix mouse and keyboard players with pad players and given the limited aim assist I assume it’s essentially going to end up with pad players getting massacred.

Does Insurgency allow input based filtering of lobbies and if not, why not?

Are there any plans to add it?

Thank you.

My friends and I would like to be able to play in custom group sizes from 1 to 8 players. It's very hard to fill the 8 player lobby with likeminded teammates, and while it's fun, too often the game play is diminished by a few random members treating it like COD instead of using the unique team tactics this game offers. It would be great to just play with our own smaller group sometimes.

A few more tweaks to mention...

The "local" mode is marred by the team AI. They just charge ahead and really dictate the approach and pace too much. It would be nice if they let the player lead and followed for support? Or maybe a rudimentary command system could be introduced? Something like "follow me" and "secure objective" would allow the player some measure of control.

Frustrations we've been running into in Co-op is too much smoke used by the enemy when they counter attack objectives which turns the whole climax into a hunt for invisible enemies who seem to be able to "see" through the smoke. Maybe thermal scopes offered as attachment options could mitigate this? Or dial down the use of smoke in the AI routine?

Also TOO MANY suicide bombers....It just feels too cheap in the end sometimes. One or two per "defend" would seem like a better balance...not four or more...please.

It would be great to introduce customizable game settings for player groups to set up specific challenges for themselves and play a chosen map.


I'd have to say, smaller maps. SMGs really aren't effective in this game. You gotta cater to both playing styles...Not everyone wants to sit in a corner somewhere and snipe.

Would LOVE private servers for the console. My friends and I have been waiting for a game like this for an extremely long time, and we have not ever had the chance to do our own thing. We are tired of getting stuck with random players who are not into immersion as much as we are. And games like COD don't compare to the quality of realism of this game.
A game such as this does a phenomenal job of immersion so we would love to experience that as a true team. We would play it until we are 100 years old.

Private servers, and third-person camera option. I would never stop playing this game if that was the case

Hello everyone;
I like to play this game, and i 've seen many things you can (the team developper) improve ( i play it on console xboxone):

In personalized game (local game): when in checkpoint mode, we win the game, the same map is reloaded! Can you increase the possibility to return the menu in order to have the possibility to choose another map???

In coop mode(human multiplayer): can you increase, as on pc, the personalized and private game mode, like that, we could choose the game mode, the number of player(friend or not), and the map???

About IA, i have seen, during a lot of number of game that when a player is in a room and the bot in another one, the bot know where the player is! (in real life, it is possible only with ray x glasses). So can you fixe that?
I have also seen, that, when human player is in a room and bots not but are for example near the door of the room without visual on human player, if ihe decides to take molotof or grenade, bot arrives and kill him before he has throwned the grenade! In real life, the enemy could not known what human player will do !

I expect the developper team will read my post and bring this little improvement to Insurgency sandstorm console version!!!

Thanks very much!

(Xbox One)
Started playing Thursday last week on the just local coop checkpoint game mode to try and learn the maps and train before playing online. Noticed the teammate AI is almost Battlefield: Bad Company kind of useless and the enemy AI is superhuman difficult and am not able to get to the last checkpoint very often so, got frustrated and jumped into online coop checkpoint play and I don't always do terrible but the human team loses A LOT! I spent $40 so I want to like this and keep playing it of course to get better but, stuff needs to change.

If a new player wants to just train up and learn the maps offline before having bad performances online (people will kick you if your sucking too hard) then turn down the enemy AI please and make the friendly AI halfway competent at least.  The bots and I will respawn and then one of them will pop smoke for no reason at the spawn (ARB map, just took Alpha and need to destroy Bravo now a few blocks away and he's throw a smoke grenade.....why?) or on the ARB map for example we are enroute to capture Charlie in that open yard and the bot commander will call in a gunship which should be saved for when we have to later defend that open area and its just a waste.

So, cant really learn the map layouts and where to expect the enemy to spawn and attack from because your team bots run in and die quick and it's you vs waves of them plus the defense waves after capturing so, eventually you just say screw it.  If singleplayer is not a concern at all then just remove it so we cant get frustrated by it.  But if the data shows that the human team is getting wrecked a majority of the time playing online coop that indicates an imbalance.  I know "get gud" and all that and I will keep trying but, even on VOIP I'm not the only one calling foul on this ridiculously superhuman enemy AI its frustrating to many people.

The only other little issues that aren't a huge deal is just the audio bugging-out when I think either a gunship or an arty strike comes in and it just fills your headphones with noise that you can tell isn't correct and begins to lag your FPS pretty bad.  And then I think it's the teammates audio cues they sometimes will start talking like Link from Zelda "hup! hup! hup! yup! hup! hup!" until they finally deliver their lines of dialog.  Everything else is great and I enjoy it and have been playing every night since Thursday and will just keep at it I guess.

hey keep sharing new stuff

I'd love to be able to shoot out light sources in night modes. Also, what happened to nvg point shooting?

I'm not sure that this comment will be acknowledged as I see most all comments made by others are never responded to, but myself and three other friends just purchased the game for Playstation and realized we are unable to set private matches/lobbies for just ourselves like 95% of other games do. It just doesn't make any sense that a simple feature like this is ignored. I don't care for mods or whatever else are available on PC but to not be able to play within a circle of friends is ridiculous!

We've tried playing with four other players and it never works as we are highly tactical players and like to strategize our movements, etc. Every time we load in with another four players, they run amuck like animals and do their own thing. This has to be the most frustrating issue I have ever experienced in a game. Playstation has the ability to set private chats, parties, etc. Yet this game completely ignored this aspect.

Can you please allow us to play privately? We do not want or care for playing with random people. At the least, allow us to fill the other spots with AI bots!

Looking forward to a response but I won't be holding my breath...

Thank you,

I've seen people suggesting private game modes, especially when it comes to co-op. It would be incredible if we can make our own private lobbies!

-In local mode, the friendly bots essentially don't do anything (in fact, they are often counterproductive) and you're left on your own to complete the objectives. That makes this mode pretty frustrating, primarily because of the time limit applied to everything. Sandstorm seems to have been designed to slow down the pace compared to other FPS games (which I consider a selling point), but then I have to hurry up anyway because the clock is running. This is most annoying when I am present at the objective, actively killing the enemy, with some of my AI teammates, but the enemy reclaims the objective anyway because the time expired. How can you claim to have recaptured something when your enemy is still there killing you?
-The time to die/kill is silly. I know, people think it's realistic. It isn't. This is a game, and in reality people don't always die instantly from a single gunshot wound. You don't move slower when bullets start coming your way, you move faster. It's life or death and adrenaline is a thing. Being killed by what is supposed to represent an unskilled, untrained enemy combatant who throws out a 50 yard head shot from the hip with an iron sighted AK that doesn't even appear to be pointed in my direction, gets real old real quick.
-Which leads directly into ADS and what we call "index" in competitive shooting. These are skills which are gained through experience, not attachments or game settings. Once again, I know, people think no aim assist is somehow realistic. It isn't. You can call it "harder", but not realistic. Your "real life" ability to index a firearm, and do it very quickly are skills that can be developed. There needs to be a skill tree system where you develop things like, ADS, index, reload speed, recoil management, etc. by earning experience that you can spend however you choose. Yes, you can just get better at manipulating a controller, but I'm not sure how that translates to "realistic".
-I get that in reality there is no "X" when you hit the target, or some kind of "hit" sound. But sometimes there is no reaction from the bots whatsoever. I shoot them, they just take a knee and head shoot me back. Other times they do react, make noise, whatever, but often it feels like I'm just shooting blanks at them.
-Vertical grips and similar attachments do not do silly things like help you reload faster. They are almost entirely cosmetic in reality, but can help with recoil management to some degree and perhaps with transitions from target to target. They should be treated the same way in games - mostly cosmetic, with a couple minor benefits.
-I'm far more interested in customizing my rifle than my character, so more gun stuff, less Barbie.
-All guns will make your ears ring if you don't wear ear protection. Just reality. They are loud.
-I really like the weight system conceptually but it has a lot of problems. No soldier is going into a guaranteed gunfight without a basic load of 6 or 7 mags and a plate carrier. So that's just a given. Adding weight to your rifle will impact how quickly you can move that rifle around to some degree. And adding more stuff to a basic load out might slow down your physical movement or whatever, but an organized military is not going into a fight without mags and armor. And that backpack we're carrying, yeah that has more ammo in it. That's the point of a pack - food, water, ammo, medical, etc.
-The style of graphics where it's supposed to look gritty and high contrast .... it's just hard to look at. Black shadows and washed out highlights, coupled with intricate details just makes for a visual murk.
-Some day FPS developers need to realize that while shooting, you are visually focused on the target. That means the object directly in front of your eyeballs, the body of the optic, is blurry to the point of being translucent. It could be a visible fuzzy dark shadow, but human eyes do not have the ability to focus near and far simultaneously. It's an advantage in that the optic does not obscure our vision. It shouldn't in games either.
-I get that no one is going to read this but I'm writing it just because this game has so much potential and conceptually has lots of the right ideas. It just misses on a few of the details.