Black Cerberus armor set not dealing damage consistent with stated modifiers.

Following a conversation on Steam it became apparent that observations made about damage being dealt to unarmored regions of human enemies vs armored regions I conducted a series of tests.

All tests used the Judge 2.0 weapon at Mk XX in NG+++, weapon proficiency was 32 at the start and finish of the tests.
Gorgon outfitted security located in the Echelon 9 chamber immediately adjacent to the Ops center in the Executive Forum, were used as the target for damage tests. Tests were performed by targeting the head of Gorgon equipped guards.

All sets of armor except for the Black Cerberus set displayed damage values consistent with their stated modifiers.

Black Cerberus consistently dealt lower damage to unarmored targets vs armored targets by approx 40 points of damage.

It is my belief that there is a bug related to the sets unique bonus (increased damage at high energy levels) causing these values to improperly calculated.

The decreased damage against unarmored targets was consistent across almost all weapons, with high crush damage weapons dealing damage closer to expected values.

Hello, this has been answered and reported via Steam already 🙂