Deliveries Through The Lowlands Problem

Have just delivered 2 x Short Logs to the 'House Near The Bog', then back to deliver 2 x Short Logs to the 'House Near The Road' only to find that the short logs have already been delivered with 1 x Medium Planks yet to be delivered. Upon return to the house near the bog with a further 2 x short logs the cargo management highlighted yellow unload button (F) does not function and reads 2/2 delivered.
Cannot unload the short logs at all. The key does not respond.
I presume these two delivery points must be mislabeled.

@xenomethean As an addendum to previous - The House on the Coast, according to the task description requires Long Logs x 0/1 and Long Plank x 0/1

Upon arrival the Cargo Management indicates that the following are required
Medium Planks x 0/2
Short Logs x 0/2
Medium Logs x 0/1

This entire task needs a complete overhaul of descriptions and requirements!! Please.

I've come across this syndrome also, I've not done the mission in question yet, but yes, delivering less than required, refusal to take more cargo, still looking for it and then when you come back later it's now showing full delivery.

@xenomethean Hello!
Thank you for the report.
If possible, could you please attach screenshots or a video of the issue?

@kir136 G'Day and thanks for timely reply. However, I managed to complete the task by trial and error and can provide KSIVA and UTC timings only.

KSIVA:p:48f3a between hours Sunday 0500 and 1100 UTC.

Will scout out the locations and requirements for deliveries to the Plateau before embarking on task.