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Hi there!
I just had a few questions.

Can we customize the main character's hair style, and beard? I kinda want to shave the beard. I feel old. And, i'm a girl playing. xD. Changing the nose would be a miracle as well. I can't stop looking at the nose. Besides that, no complaints.

Last thing. Will there be mod support? If so, for skin, hair, bone, etc?

My only real concern with the game is the main character's dysfunctional look. Not sure if it's intentional or not however.

Would be nice to have pick up animations as well. More realistic. Perhaps since he is a vampire, he could have an elegant wine for a buff or something.

Was wondering if there are misc activities you could do? Like, wash your face, Change your clothes, nom on an 'old fashion cheeseburger or chicken, idle animations, drink at pubs, play dice, cards, flirt, uh.. etc. Anything like that of the sorts would bring more life to the game. Sorry for so much questions and comments, this will just determine whether or not I am going to pay for it. I want to, but at the same time I have a few doubts for myself.

I don't think that the game will feature a create a character system because the character already has a past that was created for him. However, I think that changing the outfit of Johnathan Reid is possible because the Pre-Order for the game comes with two bonus weapons and an outfit for him. However, it was not told how changing the outfit will work. The hair and beard might something that players can change. The reason why I think the hair and beard might be changeable is because in certain pictures that I've seen for the game he has different facial hair however, it might be possible that the photos were before the character model was completed.

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