Maine gameplay bugs - PTS 16.1

I suspect that the devs are already aware of those "bugs" in season 6, gameplay wise, but here is those I found so far.
If I find any other I will keep posting in this thread.

Medium logs carcasses don't have a name on the map but they have their descriptions and text once triggered.

The discoverable upgrade found around here in Yellowrock National Forest does not have a title, does not have a description, and does not have a linked truck. I believe it is the finetune gearbox for the Freightliner M916A1.
Only the original Special Offroad gearbox is available.

This task does not have a title nor a description

None of the tasks and contracts have any money reward nor experience points

The new engine for the Derry Longhorn 4520 does not have a name or a description

The ANK MK38 Civilian does not have its truck store picture

The ANK MK38 Civilian does not have access to the Tuned Custom suspension the original ANK MK38 have, but this could be intentional by the Devs.
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Sans titre.jpg

The two new maps don't have their little thumbnail pictures on the global map and the little icons for the regional progress are missing

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I have unlocked all of the watchtowers in both maps and yet, there is still one marked as not found.
I suspect that the last one is here (Yellowrock National Forest) since there is a tower there and its in the center of the big black outline on the map, but there was no blue watchtower dotted line on the ground to trigger it

My mistake, this is a task to do.

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There are no 42 inches Off-Road and Chained tires for the International Transtar 4070A

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@DJbarro thank you for the provided info! We will check this issues

Edited after PTS update 16.3

If you have the medium log extension installed on the Aramatsu, and select any attachable trailer at the trailer store, they display as being attached at the older trailer hitch point, directly on the frame, just as if the medium log extension was not there.
However, once attached, the trailer do attach at the right spot.

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@djbarro thank you for information, we will check this problem.

Just did a quick back of the envelope calculation and this is what I get:
(disclaimer, I just use in-game description of the contracts and looked at
I could have missed some tasks.

Total of planks available directly from the start of the game in Maine, both maps included
BEFORE unlocking the sawmill :
Wooden planks: 13 (excluding the 5 on the semi-trailer for the task "All the Money's Worth")
Medium planks: 4
Long planks: 2

Total needed for contracts BEFORE unlocking the sawmill:
Wooden planks: 8 (including manufacturing 2 cabins)
Medium planks: 3
Long planks: 1

Total needed for tasks, all tasks that need wooden planks seems to be available BEFORE unlocking the sawmill:
Wooden planks: 16 (excluding the 5 on the semi-trailer for the task "All the Money's Worth")
Medium planks: 0
Long planks: 1

If you do all of the tasks before unlocking the sawmill, I believe you could run out of Wooden planks:
13 available
16 + 8: 24 needed for tasks and contract BEFORE unlocking the sawmill

You could still cheeze it by using the 5 planks on the semi-trailer ("All the Money's Worth") but you'd still be short of 6 (24 - (13 + 5) = 6
However, if you reset that task, you get 5 new wooden planks. So you you can still get infinite amount of planks this way.

Some tasks should only be unlocked AFTER unlocking the sawmill to prevent using too many available wooden planks.
Even then, you'd still risk stopping your progression completely if some Wooden planks are deleted by mistake or by bug like it can already happen in Coop for instance.

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Updated my previous posts after PTS update 16.5

@djbarro You mention that the situation is rectified. Great! Where can one see the patch notes that relate to the update to see exactly what has been changed??
The post is generally referring to PTS 16.1, but your latest refers to PTS 16.5??
Is there a place where these patch notes are available for perusal that I am missing??

@xenomethean There is no patch note.

I just updated my previous posts with what I saw myself on the PTS after its latest update.
Every update I just take a look at what I noticed as bugs, and if it's been corrected, I update my post, it's just that.

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@djbarro Ok, so how has the shortage of wooden planks been rectified? The only solution I can see is to restart the contract and see what develops.

Log station here doesn't have the right number of long logs, they need to be in multiple of 3 in order to be packed.
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Sans titre.jpg

Log station here doesn't have the right number of long logs, they need to be in multiple of 3 in order to be packed.

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Sans titre.jpg

@djbarro You need to collect the ONE from there and then the other TWO from the log yard in the far Noth-East 'cos you need THREE to make a load.

@xenomethean Of course, then you'd make a complete load 3 and be on your way.

What does not make sense is you have to carry those logs unpacked before you get a total of 3.
Since the very first map every single cargo can be packed so it doesn't fall off.

I get what they wanted to do, have one cargo of long logs at one station, two at the others.
But they forgot that logs cargo must account for 3 logs, hence why they must be stored in multiple of 3.