WIP Trailing Map

@Iforgetwhoiam this map looks really good. I like the garage area its pretty dope.

Looks great so far, keep at it! 🙂

Your map have that artistic...something... Looks nice.
Just made a logging map for at least 6x6 trucks next time and I am all in! 😉

Potential Name "Pine Valley" thoughts?
0_1524217566407_MudRunner 2018-04-20 05-45-18-64.jpg

I dig it, need to drive on it...soon!

Nice map man! 😉

EDIT: How did you get the grey on the DEV TOOLS?

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@RiskyWisky Edit the yellowish color in the gui_dxut_gui__d_a.dds texture file.

@mudhappy N00bs facepalm I guess we all have diferent ways to get into mod making 🙂 and some just learned almost everything in the game before starting making truck mods

Sorry guys i went on a bit of a hiatus for awhile haha, i went ahead and released a WIP build on the steam workshop, not a whole lot has been done on it for a while, but i plan on putting some work in it soon