Steam.. Preparing to launch failure.

As I try to start it on steam. It goes to the preparing to launch.. Then it closes it and restarts it over and over in a loop.

My specs are as follows:
OS: Windows 10 (Fully updated to latest)
SSD: 120 GB
HDD: 500 GB x2
GRAPHIC: NVidia GEFORCE GTX 960 (Latest drivers)

Solutions that I have tried:
Administrative privileges on both the BattleFleetGothic.exe and the BattleFleetGothic-Win64-Shipping.exe.
Compatibility-mode for Windows 7 on both as well. (As I had no problems to run on Windows 7 before).
Updated DirectX to latest. Repaired Visual C++.
Verified files with no problems what so ever.
Re-installed the game.

It will start if I start BattleFleetGothic-Win64-Shipping.exe directly (Without going through Steam).

Need help to get to work with steam. Anyone?

It's possible that your anti-virus is conflicting with the game launching. Do you have one installed?

Is it possible for you to try whitelisting the game in your anti-virus and then trying to run it again?

I have Avast and it is whitelisted. I even tried to make it inactive to try to play it with it then. But no luck.

It may also be an unsupported resolution, what resolution are you playing the game at?

playing? It didn't even start. But I restarted the computer and saw that Windows wanted to update. After that It worked. Thanks for trying to help me.