Some photos of "green lanes" ("disused highways")

As Sodoma requested, here goes:-

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

Stock Discovery 2 on all-terrain tyres 😁

Disused highway, I've expected something more like
But nevermind, your pictures are pretty nice as well 🙂

And that terrain seems pretty tough for stock cars 😉

That terrain looks like all kinds of fun... Tucked those images in the back of my mind for when I get some time to continue working on my newest map... 🙂

Thanks guys - I was amazed at what stock Land Rovers can manage 😌

Sodoma there are some more "technical" lanes which can ruin your day - some require modified 4x4s 😈

Mexican I think the first photo is somewhere in the Lake District. The other 3 are in Yorkshire. Both in England of course 🕶

@Sodoma Could you please tell me where you got that Spintires disused highway map from?

Many thanks!

That is my own creation (only one creation).
It is in the internet available for Oldtires (search YT "level Higway" last time I've seen it).
Currently I am working on reviving for MR, but due to problems with editor I am nowhere close to publishing.
And I am not sure about my will on that as well, because it contains lot of custom models collected during my ST era somewhere from the internet and because of current witchhunt for "mod-thieves"... You know what I mean...
But I still have all files, so maybe, somehow... 😉

@sodoma Thanks for the reply, map looks cool!
I find it really outrageous with those guys who accuse people of being 'mod-thieves'. User 'thombuggy' has deleted all his mods because of people calling him a mod thief, when really he was only re-uploading voto.1979's mods with his permission. Hopefully you'll be releasing it some day for MudRunner!