Private Servers on Console


I was really looking forward to this game and playing with friends, but then realised that you can't have just your own squad vs the AI.

Random people are always no fun, many just want to troll and mess around (Or just blindly run head on into the enemy bullets). I just want to play with 5 people vs the AI with my own team. I have no idea why this isn't a thing?,... just give an option to limit the server to so many people or lock it down or something.

Surely this is an update that definitely needs to happen??

In regard to co-op, I agree.

I would love to see the ability to have private matches but at the very least the option to rent a server through a service like Nitrado (as I do for DayZ on the PS4/5).

The fact is, we can't always get enough friends online at one time to create a solid team. You are at the mercy of randoms many of which refuse to communicate and run around doing their own thing. .....not playing as a team.

Once in a while you'll find a group of great folks who do coordinate as a team, etc. and you'll have a great few matches. .....but this (so far) looks to be the exception.

I would like to be able to join with just friends up to 8 players in co-op but with less if I want to. This would be a HUGE game changer IMO. If not I'm afraid this game will have a limited shelf life for us as I just don't have the patience for some of these folks that purposely or unintentionally annoy others with their actions, comms, etc.

btw, joined one of our first co-op sessions and straight away this guy says "I F'd your mom". .....then goes on to tell everyone we're all retarded". The insults were then directed at me when I voted to kick but luckily the group agreed to boot. I'm too old for this crap and would rather just play with friends.

This is an awesome game but this is one big flaw that really disappointed us. Please let us rent a server at least if you won't give us a private session option. I don't even care if the difficulty doesn't scale with a smaller team. We would welcome the challenge of facing the same with less than 8 players those times when we can't all get on.

100% agree! Add in a custom bot difficulty slider and the game would be perfect!

I would love to see this for sure. Definitely not unheard of in the gaming community, they could even charge for it like Battlefield 4 server renting, or the Minecraft Realms service.

Would be great to see private/invite-only matches, and would be even cooler if you could customize settings like higher/lower enemy resistance, removing certain maps/scenarios from the rotation like if you only want to play day matches, remove night scenarios from rotation. Things like that would be a massive game changer.

As it stands, I find myself running in with the aforementioned tryhards that run headlong into the enemy just to try and form some sort of team environment, but nobody ever breaks off and approaches tactically like they should.