Crashing on Xbox One

Loving the game so far, but it crashes frequently.

Game crashes every single online Co-op match. In Versus it will crash about 50% of the matches. Yesterday I got an error message (on my Xbox) that said something about running out of memory on my graphics card or something like that, can't remember exactly.

Local matches work fine, no crashes so far there.

Same thing is happening to me.
Crashes frequently, sometimes multiple times per match.
Yes I submitted a ticket.
In & reinstalled. Same issue.

I can't even play it anymore, it seems like every time I play a co-op match it crashes.

Even post update I get consistent crash every time I attack on hideout and on precent.

Really annoying now

I am starting to get really annoyed with your game always crashing on my xbox one, your patch claims that it has "fixed the crashing issue" but it hasn't. please fix it as soon as possible