Feedback PS5: Gameplay/ Performance/ Improvements "UPDATED"

Hi there,

really enjoying that Coop Experience in this Game so far.
However there are couple Points i would like to adress!


Bots behaviour

  • would be neat to see them not only rush in at Close Range, but see them try to Engage at greater Distance aswell, so any Sniper/ Marksmen and the rest can have fun Engaging at Range and or drop some Smokes (which are pretty useless right now) and Flank around

Selecting Grenades and Tools

  • They are super slow to select. Please make it faster. Yes we dont want CoD, but its super slow right now. Its not even the Animation itself, its the Radial is so slow aswell.

Points for Gear in Coop

  • Why even have Points in Coop for Weapons. Its so useless. We Fight Bots not Humans. I know you wanted to Balance the Game for PvP and PvE in one Go to save Time, but for PVE its pretty much not needed. Let us have the Weaposn and Gear we want.
    Just Make all the Pistols Cost one Point and the Attachements stay as they are.
    Rifles should be max at 2 Points in PvE and not up to 5 Points. Yes some are more better than others, but again who cares against Bots!



  • While Loading into a Game
  • MidGame for no Reason

Lighting/ Bloom

  • Even on PS5 and a Good Screen its so Overtoned its Crazy. Flashlight are Good in terms of being Bright. But if the Rest is so Bright aswell, you cant see anything at all at Night. I hope this gets better with PS5 Upograde next Year.
    Especially White Phosphor NVG are barely useabel at times.


  • Crashes lots of Times and you cant hear your Gunfire (makes Crashes aswell)

Empty Loadouts in OUTPOST Gamemode

  • Just today i went into a Game where you have to defend Locations. I got in and was about to select my Loadouts in Advisor Class, but when i Deployed i only had my Knife. I went back to the Loadout Screen and tried with Chest, but it Removed all my Primary Weapons from the Loadout as soon as i selected them. Pistols and Gear stayed the same.


  • All the said above


PvE Gamemodes

  • VIP-Escort

  • Search and Rescue
    Some Ai/ Player( 1-3) has to be Rescued(Randomly chosen). They have Limited Mags and such, start with maybe Heavy Armor and have to Survive some Enemies until the Players reach them and defend the Position. After you have to go to Extraction Point under Pressure (Black Hawk Down?!)

  • More Maps

PS5 Controller Hold Breath

  • Use of Dual Stage Triggers. On L2 Aiming you should have 2 Stage Trigger, so you can Hold Breath more comfortably.

PS4 Controller Hold Breath

  • Like in Ghost Recon. You Hold Aim and then relase it slightly to get the Hold Breath for shooting


  • Toggle of Backpack visibility. So we can make it invisible.


Plate Carrier with extra Primary Mags only. So we dont need Backpack, but more Mags still

IR Aim On and Off

  • If possible make it so if you have NVG Aim enabled, its works as inteded. When you however toggle off Laser while wearing NVG`s it would be nice to be able to Aim Normally again.

Weapon Profficency

  • So the more you use a Weapon, the better you should get with it. Less Vertical recoil would be neat, to have better Single Shot for Example. Also it gives you something to Grind (yes, a bit like Operator Perk In ISMC)

Grenade Call out from Bots

  • They should call when throwing Nades aswell, especially since there is no Indicator at all
    ** The Indicator is so small you can only see it when you stand directly at the Nade. However, throwing it back when Bots threw it and your probably Dead, casue they like to Cook them which is good. Without a Call out from Bots, the possibility that you can throw it back or Lay on the Ground to Survive is less than Slim to none. Players Call out Grenades, so can do Bots!
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Checkpoint Teammates

  • Some Teammates were looking like Security but were definetly in Team Insurgents. It was hard to tell the difference sometimes in the heat of battle. Not sure if this was a DLC Cosmetic or what, but they had Helmets, Plate Carrier and everything on.

Just to add It would be a great improvement to have co-op in local gameplay??
and fill in the blanks with bots!
I know you already know..
Also Great game Thanks!!


  • Observer needs a Radioset Backpack


Copy Loadout

  • Would be neat to have an Option to Copy Loadouts from Day to Night. I used up "HOURS" on Copying my Loadouts alone. Also the Option Coop and Versus... Oh man it resets to Versus when you change Factions and sometimes youn dont notice that its back on Versus and you have to do every Single Loadout in every single Class again which is SUPER annoying!

More Randomness on Maps

  • The Objective in said Gamemode need more Variety in Terms of Locations for sure. The Maps are sometimes really Big and it would only add to the Game itself 😉

  • Have the Objectives be Reversed on Random Day and Night

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Placing Explosives on Weapon Stashes in Objective Mission

  • It seems that the "Explosives" used for the respective Teams are turned around.
    Insurgents use C4 and Security uses IED`s(with Cellphone) to blow up Weapon stashes...?! Yeah, definetly wrong

Aimpoint Visiblity 1x and 2x with Magnifier

  • I dont know why, but whats the reason for the Aimpoint to have a worse Sightpicture as a Hybrid when Magnifier is toggled off, than it is Standalone?! There is no reason for that. Aimpoint alone has great Visiblity. All other Sights that are possible to have a Hybrid option, dont have worse Sightpicture compared to Standalone. Yeah this needs to be fixed for sure!

VHS-2 missing Side-Rails

  • If you Choose Extended Mags, the Siderails on the Handguard Pop up for no reason. It should be standard anyway...
    However when you choose Laserpointer, the Laserpointer is attached to the Air, since no Siderails Pop up.


  • Would be nice to see a "C Variant" or the one we have with Rails as Handguard

Flip Up Sights

  • Should be Zero Cost as an Attachement. They dont give you any Advantage over any Sight in the Game. Just an Alternative to other Iron Sights

Needed Maps

  • Especially some Forrest Maps or mixed
  • Mountainpass
  • Highlands
  • Road to Sandstorm
  • Buhriz
  • Peak
  • Kandagal
  • Redwood

Hardcore mode, night maps for pvp.
Realistic mode for console

Sniper Maps

  • Maps with lots of Open ground, Hills and such. To get height advantage and do some Long Range Glory Kills!

Local Game Ai Teammates

  • Oh boy, these Guys... They Run around like crazy and you can tell them to Group up, but they wont listen. If this alone gets fixed, they are somewhat okay. If you say: "I need Backup", they should form up on you!

From Crouch to Prone

  • It is simply not possible. Why?! When you Crouch and you wanna go Prone, your Avatar stands up. It is not very nice in Firefights... 😞


  • The HUD except the Compass and MiniMap if chosen, should go invisble if not used or forced through f.ex. Mag Check for more Immersion!

Muzzle Flash

  • Non Existent on some Weapons like the M110 with standard Muzzle