Insurgency Consoles - FAQ

I purchased Gold Edition and the only highlighted yellow items I can acutally wear are the Peacemaker and Warlord sets. The other highlighted yellow items sets/items have locks on them and when I click "X" it takes me to the purchase screen and shows prices just like the comment above (they have screenshots).
I shouldn't have to purchase a bundle again if you stated we were getting it with Gold.

@Fuzzy-Belvedere Not sure if you have seen but they put out a tweet saying this is a known issue:

I'm sure they are looking into it to get it resolved asap.

I am pleased to announce that you can crossplay is available. Is there a way that we can play with specific PS4/5 players in the same lobby/game?

How do we invited players to our lobbies via different consoles?

As of 12am 9/30/21 the content is unlocked.

Thank you NWI & Focus Entertainment 🎮😎👍

I have some questions already posted here. but no answers!

  • when will we have any updates for next-gen consoles?

  • keyboard/mouse support discarded?

Made an account to just say this we need mod especially if you want this game to survive on the long run really fun now but when mods getting added will give more content and co op is not repetitive

Who was the big brain! behind the team-switch at PvP fk shit!

Will mouse and keyboard be allowed for console play? Or is mouse and keyboard allowed already for console play?

Does Insurgency Sandstorm mantains the same gore in PS4 as PC?

I have the game on the PS5 and the graphics are like a PS3 game, I know there is no PS5 version yet but the FAQ says 4K 60FPS and it is definitely not that. Is there a patch on the way or is this it?

I have the game on Xbox and was wondering how to play co-op with friends? Also can you play local with friends?

Anyone on ps5 wants to squad up? Just started playing, all my friends play cod and bf
Add me: NYstateofmindRMX
Mic is a must

Hey guys - hope this helps someone else but my xboxone version of Sandstorm was an absolute dog of a game. Constant crashing and lack of gunfire sound, even after the patch release. However, I noticed that I hadn't had a reminder to download the update so I did a full re-install and this time got a message that an update needed to be applied, which I did. I also only chose 2 of the closest servers to where I live to browse from to see if it helped. I also did not lose any of my weapons or outfit options either and I have now played several games with no crashes, no sound dropouts and no throwing the cat at the TV in frustration. Happy Days !

For number 6, that is simply untrue. The servers are far from reliable or stable. The past few days, me and my friends have not been able to get through a single match without one of us crashing. This game is a ton of fun, but the constant crashes make it nearly unplayable.

We definitely need some MOD support. ISMC ftw!!! Also u guy should add vest/plate carrier/ body armor customization, and add some patches, please?

Thank you for bringing this amazing game to consoles!Just purchased it today!I'm loving it!But can you please fix the blurry,soapy graphics on ps4 please!? Love you!