Insurgency Consoles - FAQ


Hello Soldiers!

As the release of Insurgency: Sandstorm on consoles is getting closer and closer, we selected some of your questions and will give you the answers you are looking for!

1 - Resolution/FPS?

PS4: 1080p/30FPS
Xbox One: 1080p/30FPS
PS4 Pro: 4K/30FPS
Xbox One X: 4K/30FPS
PS5: 4K/60FPS
Xbox Series X: 4K/60FPS
Xbox Series S: 1080p/60FPS

2 - I preordered Sandstorm on PS4/X1 because that's all that was available. But I'm on next gen. Will that upgrade be free, or will I have to purchase a whole new copy?

Free upgrade! 😃 You can get the game on PS4/X1 and freely upgrade to PS5/XS!

3 - Is there crossplay?

We will support crossplay at launch for the same console systems (Xbox One-Series X / PS4-PS5). It is one of our top priorities to bring full crossplay between consoles, and we will keep you posted on that matter!

4 - Will modding be supported?

Modding will unfortunately not be supported at launch, but it may be something we can explore in the future.

5 - Will the PC DLCs be released on consoles?

They will! Here’s a recap to sum things up:

6- Where are the servers located?

We have servers in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Russia and South America. Our servers are very reliable and stable to ensure an optimal gaming experience, thanks to our dedicated hosting partner!

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I have a question. I'm very interested in this game I have only ordered the base game.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Can I get the Year 1 &2 pass at a later time

  2. Any consideration for this game to run at 120fps on PS5 & Xbox Series consoles.

Hello. Will the nextgen update be available at launch? Looking forward to being on 09/29 🤗

when versions for nex gen consoles?

will their be 120 fps on ps5 and series s|x ??

So i still have to buy the game on xbox even though i bought the game on steam?
I already have both versions of Insurguncy on steam, and now I still have to buy one for xbox?

Good news, thank you for the update!

3. I hope you will create a "console only" crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox but also keep in mind may an "Opt-In" option for crossplay with PC for these people who want to play with their "PC" friends.

4. Yes please, please install a modding acessability for console, both consoles should be supported with the same abilities. My dream is to create mods on PC and then I could play them on console by maybe installing it from an internal "modstore" . This could be maps, modes, skins, textures, textures packs, weapons and so on...
May you could also create some sort of master "modlist" so everyone can play under the same cirumstances a modded map or something similiar.

can we pre-download the game ??

Is it going to be 4K/60fps on PS5 running the PS4 version or do we have to wait until next year when the PS5 version releases? My preorder will be canceled if the latter.

modeling and graphics are they improved on PS5 is Xbox Series X / S ??

@walsh56 said in Insurgency Consoles - FAQ:

We need modding 100%

Definitely we need mod support.

Will there ever be a "search and destroy-like" game mode coming to Insurgency Sandstorm?

Will the peace keeper and warlord gear set
come to PC players?

Could you consider changing the Xbox one x to 1080p/60fps instead of 4k/30fps. I’m guessing the majority of players would prefer frame rate over resolution.

I kind of wish for bullet wounds in corpses to appear like the Pc version and brass to stay

Paid for Gold Edition to get the Year 1 & 2 Pass content... why am I being charged again to download?
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alt text
alt text

I pre ordered the Gold Edition.
It says everything is purchased but when it came out for me today after downloading. I checked and got nothing. I reinstalled yet nothing. I used the app to install and it's been a couple hours still nothing. I can't level up as well, when I was playing PVP the enemy team was asking why aren't we leveling up and yet no one knew. Is this gonna be fixed? Everything I mentioned or?

Hello, I just played the Insurgency on console for the first time on my Xbox (I had a pre order standard edition). I started off the game with 2000 credits so I bought myself some cosmetic items. But as soon as I clicked on a different cosmetic item, the one I had just bought becomes locked again even though I spent my credits. Is this a glitch or did I do something wrong? Otherwise the game is awesome on console! Thanks.

Estou com esse mesmo problema