[Xbox Game Pass for PC] Missing all DLC

I have Snowrunner via Game Pass for PC (which I suppose makes my game the Windows Store version) and I do not have access to my year one dlc or any skins in game even though I FOR SURE have them downloaded. Nothing I do seems to make any difference, including redownload the entire game plus the DLC via both the Windows Store and the Xbox App. Signing in and out of the Xbox app does nothing. Clearing the Xbox app data does nothing. Restarting my PC does nothing.

If it's any help, I did notice my DLC suddenly became unavailable on September 9th, but it was BEFORE I had even downloaded the actual September 9th update. It's as if some change on the update or authentication servers broke my ability to access my DLC in game. Installing the new update didn't fix my missing DLC either. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

I'm also playing Snowrunner on PC via Game Pass and have an issue with all DLC no longer showing up in game. I've purchased the Year 1 pass and have all DLC installed which was working okay, for the most part, up until about a week ago — prior to this: the DLC would on occasion be missing when starting the game, but was typically resolved by restarting the game. However, in recent days (probably since around the 9th of September) the DLC hasn't been showing up at all — this extends to the free anniversary DLC content — despite all relevant DLC showing as 'installed' in both the Xbox Game Pass Windows app and the Microsoft Store. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and all DLC content multiple times to check installing DLC via Xbox Game Pass vs Microsoft store, triggering all DLC to install via the Season Pass page vs installing each DLC individually via their dedicated pages, etc. Unfortunately, I have been unable to restore my purchased DLC content and that makes me sad (and also, as a paying consumer: a bit indignant). Is there a way I can fix this or is this a known bug that has being actively worked on?
Thanks for your time.