Good morning Focus,

May I start by saying what a potentially great game you have here. I’ve been playing Necromunda since it’s release in 1995 and have enjoyed it immensely as a hobby for many years.
That said, there are still an awful lot of issues that need to be addressed with your offering in its current form.

Will the Delaque be made available soon? How about Hired Scum? Do you intend to add more game modes and maps? We urgently need new weapons and upgrades for our gang. Will you be introducing other gangs such as Ratskins, Pit Slaves, and Redemptionists?

All this should obviously be addressed following a performance update. The game has been out for around 2 years now and still glitches and bugs like a day 1 beta! It really is embarrassing for you and us as consumers to have such a much loved IP as this besmirched by such shoddy craftsmanship. Even Mordheim played better, and that was a stuttering shambles.

I have lost gangs due to software crashes and corrupted save files. I have lost hours of gameplay due to mid-match resets. I have lost loot due to mid-menu crashes. Is this acceptable? I bought this title on day 1 at full price and have purchased both expansions and the game still performs worse than the mobile equivalent.

And where to start on the multiplayer!!?? 23 players online at its busiest should let you know that this is quickly becoming a dead title. And with the system instability the way it is can you blame people for turning away the way they do? FIX THE MULTIPLAYER. It is at its core the very reason for this games existence.

Hopefully someone sees this and responds appropriately. I have enjoyed watching other complainants being fobbed off with an online form to complete, essentially freelance troubleshooting for a company already too lazy to play test the game themselves.

Wake up Focus, this is a game more beloved than you realise and you could make huge financial gains by fixing it up and giving it the respect and attention it needs.

There is limitless possibility for DLC and further money making ventures if you only put the work in.

Please fix this game, address these issues, and add further content as soon as you can.

Kind regards,

Major Plums