can not start a new map

i was holding off on the update for the editor that came out appx. a week ago. well i forgot and opened the
editor with steam and it downloaded it.. Now i can not open/create a New Terrain/map Any thoughts or fixes? Am I just cursed or what, Every Time i get an update, it throws my game into a tailspin and i have nothing but trouble. there is always the possibility that i don't really know enough about all of this.. Any help on the New Terrain not Creating/Opening is appreciated greatly. RUFUS

Yeah...procedure has changed...see page 34 of the guide. This is the 3rd time I've answered this question here. Search a little first...maybe?

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thank you mud! no i did not know that a new set of steps were required. i will fully read the guide to see if there is any other new info. the ST/MR games are the first things i've actually attempted to use on the computer, I am way behind on PC usage(plus at 50 now, my gears are starting to slip a bit) thank you for your patience in repeating the info again for me. Rufus