First person mode?

Only one question for the developers.....Does this game support first person mode? may think to yourself why?.... simply put first person mode would be an epic addition to an already epic game if its not implemented already ....

Hello, it's not planned in the game, sorry!

THX for the reply .... really am exited about this game ...

I would also like to see a first person mode for this game.
I understand that in some cases you might loose some of the artistic features of the game, if it would be only in first person.
So maybe some kind of a mix could be implemented, where parts of the game are in third person and others are first person.

I read that it is not planned at the moment, but could it be something that you could add in the future in a patch or let mod makers play with ?

I think it wont because then the whole control scheme will have to be adapted to first person mode.