Long time fan of the developers and the Aliens universe. Playing this game has been allot of fun. Plenty of scary moments where you watch the round count on ur smart gun wear down to zero only to have not made a dent in the enemy forces. The entire campaign and "story" if you want to call it that, held my attention the whole ride. I mean, its Aliens, hard to mess this formula up. I did notice some bugs, not game breaking however. Personally I found the entire package satisfying. That being said, Changes need to be made. Here's some things worth looking at in my opinion.

Constructive Criticism

  • Matchmaking needs to be addressed, Impossible to find players. Game needs a lobby system and a server list.
  • Insane difficulty needs to be reworked. Boss targets are sponges, not fun. Consider modified enemy types.
  • Unreal engine tech is great for level editing, Implementing content creation creates longevity.
  • Need more weapon selection. Again, expansive universe. Use what you where given.
  • Xenomorph game play. This is a no brainer. 3v1 or 3v3 type game play. This is free.
  • Drop in/Drop out game play. Bots the whole game or team disconnects shouldn't be a possibility.
  • Microtransactions tied to cosmetics is easy money so you can keep developing the game.
  • Chat features / VoIP functionality - Communication is fun.

Positive Feedback

  • You guys nailed the AI, the enemy moves and fights like a Xenomorph
  • Weapons are fun
  • Sound design is awesome.
  • Progression system is fluid, and is paced well.
  • Level design is spot on. Bonus points to the employee who suggested Prometheus and Covenant incorporation.
  • You captured tension, thats not easy to do.
  • Graphics are impressive. Good job using the unreal engine.

Thats all I got. Thanks for reading.