Hybrid sights/Leaning controls PS4 Beta

Hi, so I received a code for the beta test for Insurgency Sandstorm (thank you btw!!) While playing I noticed whenever I have a hybrid scope or the EOTech with magnifier, whenever I go to lean right, it flips the sight as well, or changes from long to mid range scope while aiming and leaning right. Lean left, no problem. But suggestion being remove the combo control of aiming and pushing right stick to change hybrid scope. Just leave the control at left d-pad that way you can lean without having your scope change as well.

Side note: it would also be REALLY awesome if you could use a tool or just punch out holes in the walls to shoot from. Or just put more spider holes in buildings that way you can shoot from a more concealed position. That would change up tactics and add way more tactical play to the game!!! Love this game so far great work gents!!!

This is still a thing deff needs a fix your is simple, but a custom button mapping would be magic bf5-s as example. I'm also enjoying this game