Game close itself without error

Hi, i just buy this game with dlc and i can't play it. I can launch the game but after 1 minute maybe less the game close to windows desktop, no error on screen nothing. I reinstall the game 4 times, and windows 2 times, trying a lot of things... Drivers up to date i'm on gaming laptop RTX 3070 8go, I7 11800H, 16go 3200mhz, NVME gen4, Win10 home.

I can see BattlefleetGothic2-Win64-Shipping.exe.7188 in crashdump and some files in CrashReportClient like UE4CC-Windows-81C89FB14651956AC95B0E81C9D9F446.

I realy want to play this game i don't want a refund 😉

Ps: This is GOG version of the game.

I'm having exactly the same problem without any kind of error report, but on windows event viewer I'm noticing that audiodg.exe crashes a second before so I'm not sure if that's causing the crash or the crash is causing that. I'm on the steam version

Not much anyone can do about it, since the devs have left the game to rot in hell. Hell they left their own company as well. Tindalos is defunct as far as I know. And for them, it's called "What the hell were they thinking?"