In order to give feedback, I first had to register here. I love your game. But there are a few things that totally annoy me. To make a post here every time is not my style. Give me an in-game form and read it ... you would get more feedback than here.

  1. Team balance. It cannot be that 10 1000-2000 lvl against 10 15-30 lvl play this game ... what is going wrong ?????

  2. Balance !!!!!!!!!! Even after the third game with the same people, the 1000-2000lvl still play against the 15-30 lvl ... (and we lose mercilessly, the low lvli mean)

    To be "balanced" in the losing team in the last 2 minutes is just not ok ... if the others leave the game, I don't have to go to the other team.

  4. Again, I love your game. BUT BALANCE. and btw ... the voice chat is just toxic and bad.

  5. I dont want to post in this forum, i want you to make the game better, so more people play it. So give me an easy way of feedback. You and me.