Alien Fire Team

Alright... So I have had enough time to play through half the game so far and I have been having a blast. But I have some issues I wish to talk about.

  1. Number of players. given the number of classes, there is having a max number of 3 players only is a little.... weird. It's honestly one of the things that hurt it the most for me... HOW many games out there are set to only 3 players... I have a lot of friends who had picked this up and I cant play with even half of them in the same lobby.
    2.Weapon damage. A large number of the weapons in the game you can get in the game do not seem much better than the starting weapons you start with. As a comparison, the pump-action shotgun vs the db shotgun. it has less ammo... and almost every one of its states is worse than the stats of the pump-action shotgun. This isn't the only gun with has issues like this. some weapons are downright unusable compared to others.
    3.Headshots on aliens. Now weak point multiplier seems to be bugged or something as I can 1-3 tap one alien and then spend almost an entire mag in to the face of the same type.
  2. bullet sponges some aliens are far tankier than they need to be even at lower levels, like the exploding aliens and the spitters taking 4-6 shotgun shells to the face to kill,

Overall everything is good. but the number of players, weapon damage, and tanky enemies who really should be a little more squishy compared to other aliens who should be as tanky as they are. There are things with I feel should be addressed to ensure the game is as good as it could be.

because i couldnt fina a Forum i answer here.

first i thought was gunplay could be a little more responsive to feel more impact.
This maybe gets better with better and modded guns that i havent unlocked.
Sounds need a litle more boom, i played with my headset, but also tried over my mixer (not a cheap one) with good Studioheadphones and tweaked the frquencies a little bit and it sounded better for me.
High and Mid freq down, more bass and boom i think it was much better.

thats it for now, i havent played much, but i liked it and are looking for future content!!!

edit: Oh i forgot some things i thought about:

big levels to explore and to get lost in maybe?
Like beeing lost in a place and find another way out, having more than a linear level but a labyrinth?

havent played the horde mode, but saw a video what said it has lots of potential like COD Zombie mode.
I'd love that!!!

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