Console release

Hey I’m new to the forum and I’m probably sure you guys have been asked this a million times…but console release is still on for Sep 29th? Any news? I’ve been waiting for a solid tactical shooter to hit consoles

That date isn't an official release as of yet. It could either be a placeholder from retailers or it could be the actual release date that they have yet to announce.

....btw, this forum is essentially dead here and NWI is nowhere near the company it once was in regard to open communication with their fans, etc. Ever since hte last release that was cancelled, info has been lacking for console fans. Most didn't even know about the beta until they started it. There has been no hype or discussion about the console release except from fans, YTers and gaming news sites.

I've been following this game ever since they first announced it would also be coming to console several years ago. .....then the 2018 release got pushed to 2019, then 2020 and now 2021. All the time fans stuck with them but then they went all but radio silent in 2020.

I have to tell you that I'm tempted to just pass on this game at this point especially with other titles coming out or that have been announced. Not because I don't think I would enjoy the game but simply that I won't want to reward a company that has decided to treat their console fans so badly.

Anyhow, the betas are currently in process so I'd wager they have been waiting to confirm a date until they know how well the game will work on all the consoles first. I wouldn't expect a firm date until they have a full grasp on how the game is performing and what fixes they need to deal with.