My actual favorite game company

Dear developpers and all employees working with from Focus Home Interactive,

I would like to just congratulate you especially with the global graphic style you have for many of your games like "World War Z" and "Snowrunner", I love it.

I would like to thank you for all the work you are doing for us the players and especially the fact that you really care about the community.

We are all fed up with the big game companies, who never care about customers but first about money.
Never drop this way of doing. You will increase the value of Focus Home Interactive, in a way you can not believe now.

Wish you really the best in the future and I am a real fan now 😉


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Sadly, I joined this forum after reading up on how they're handling the developer working conditions regarding 'Aeon Must Die'. In a follow-up after the first allegations, developers are now complaining that Focus has done nothing to investigate or address the claims and are going to just push ahead with publishing the 'stolen' game. One can only assume 'because money'. It turns out they might not be so much different from the big game companies after all.

Focus has been one of my favourite publishers for the chances they give to the AA developers, games that try something different and do as well as they can without AAA polish. I always want to see more unique, innovative titles like Othercide, Greedfall, Shipbreaker, The Surge, Vampyr, Call of Cthulu and so many more... so this behaviour is terribly disappointing and causing me to wonder what other kind of developer hardships they've ignored or made worse behind the scenes.

My favorite game company is Blizzard Entertainment because WoW is my one and only favorite game.

My hobby, first to play and then to write a little text about this game. Apparently, even in the Old West there were top-secret institutions dedicated to vampire hunting. In Evil West, you work for that institution. And there are a lot of vampires who need to be hunted. When the monsters come out of the shadows, you will fight on the front lines, protecting humanity. U.S.A. As you progress, you'll be able to upgrade your weapons and hunting tools. You'll also be able to unlock perks to hone your monster killing skills.

As you can see from the Final West gameplay trailer below, the third-person combat is brutal and bloody. You can combine combos to turn vampires and the forces of darkness into a bloody mess. You'll also need fast fingers to keep up with the pace as you fight clumsy monsters, demonic creatures, and all sorts of abominations. I foresee a lot of blood on that shiny glove.