Weapon list?

Is there a list of weapons that will be in the game? As a life long fan of las weaponry, I do look forward to getting my hands on a Necromunda Pattern Lasgun.

@remiv Not a full list, but in the Mordheim Steam forums I answered someone else's question about what weapons are in the teaser trailer / screenshots. Here's what I wrote:

"So, from left to right of the Escher screenshot we have:

  • Brawler, dual wielding swords
  • Deadeye with an Autogun
  • Deadeye with a Plasma Pistol and Autopistol
  • Heavy with a Heavy Stub Gun
  • Saboteur with a Flamer

The Deadeye in the middle - with the fancy hair - is the Leader.

You will notice that the screens showing Goliath fighters include some of the same weapons, but they have been custom made to fit with the aesthetics of each gang. The Goliath's Flamer does not look like the Escher's Flamer, for example."

I am semi-hoping these patterns have names, although I do hope they are not heretical "custom" jobs made specifically by the gangs (tho I suspect they will be). I am a contributor over on the Lexicanum with a very particular interest in discovering and archiving various patterns of weaponry (most specifically las weaponry, tho I do also enjoy plasma and stubber/auto weapons).

@remiv Alas, this is all I can give you right now.

Also, another question: we kinda hope that we will get the weapons from the tabletop (Goliath Rivet gun, gas thrower, shock whip). Will those weapons have the same functionality and special habilities than the ons in the tabletop?

As well, we hope that gangs have unique weapons that they can equip, like in Mordheim.

@glarghface I'll try and give you a few answers here:

The weapons list is not exactly the same as in the tabletop game. In fact, there are a few that we made here at Rogue Factor just for the video game.

In terms of dedicated equipment, they are separated by career rather than by gang. There are some weapons that any fighter can equip, and there are some that, say for example, only a Heavy could use.

The differences you see between Escher and Goliath weapons (in screenshots and the teaser) are aesthetic.

Ok, i'll go part by part:

Not having the same weapons than in the tabletop is both good and bad, depending how you treat weapons in Necromunda. But i won't give you a hard time about it until we get a piece of the action. As well, i wonder which juicy weapons you have come up with.

The weapon limitations by career/class is really nice and i really wanted something like that. Still, i also hoped that each gang had some unique weapons that they only had access to or like in the old Necromunda, where Orlocks had access to most weapons while others were more limited (For example, Eschers had access to all plasma weapons but limited when it came to explosives). Still, it all depends on how you deal with it, because even with limiting weapons by class can work very well.

Those asthetic differences are awesome. I'm rooting for some Orlocks or Cawdor.

Not too sure if I like this, making new weapons. There is a massive amount of weapons and wargear in Necro now with the current edition out. I don't see any need to create new weapons considering this vast list there is to play with.

New weapons aren't bad per se, specially seeing that in the melee department current necromunda is quite lacking. Still, i want to see what they are cooking.
But when it comes to weapon limitations, i hope they go for availability limitations instead of use limitations. What i mean is that when you buy gear from the shop as Escher you have Escher weapons and not all the gear in the game. You can use weapons from other houses (except Van Saar for obvious reasons) but if you want that Goliath rivet gun or the Cawdor combi flamer-stub gun you better get lucky with mission loot or deck some guys in battle and take them from them.

There's tons of weapons in the gang war expansions. Either from gang armoury or between round trading post. Don't really see the point in changing that. Being able to use everything for every gang would make the gangs near enough a skin change and break from what the gangs would use E.g. Goliath with las weapons.
Would be very happy at a rules port from the game instead of messing about and adding things, different mechanics to say, the trade post. Don't need to, there's a massive amount already and how it works is fine. Rarity search if you have the champ/ leader to send.

Well it also bears to keep in mind that an Autogun/Autopistol isn't as specific as a Bolter. Bolter variants aren't really all that different, every style is basically the same gun that looks a little different. You know, besides the Stalker Bolter.

Autoguns are different. While a Bolter is almost a "Brand" an Autogun is essentially any automatic projectile weapon. They showed this in the new Necromunda in how Esher and Orlock Autoguns look quite different from eachother. My point is that there's a lot of room for the devs to go nuts, both in cosmetics and stats. While a lot of lore weapons have clearly defined looks, an Autogun can be any gun they want. Modern military rifles would all be Autoguns in the Warhammer Universe, so if the devs wanted to they could model real firearms and it would still be fairly lore accurate.

You don't get the bolter variants in necromunda, not at gang level. The likes of Orlock and Goliath can get them from thier own armouries as a basic weapon as it fits thier theme/ lore.

Difference in aesthetics on the weapons, not a problem. It's adding weapons in at the exclusion of others in the actual game that's bothering me, potentially the mechanics of the game itself aswell.

This game is screaming out for an X - com kind of set up.

Well, in old Necromunda if memory doesn't fail me, you could get all Bolter variants (boltgun, bolter and heavy bolter) the same with all other weapons (autoguns, lasguns, plasma).

But what DeTortor says is that the different houses have more or less the same weapons, but the differences are not aesthetic only, but also in their stats. For example, Orlock autoguns have bigger magazines (+2 shots), Escher ones have more range, Goliath ones hit harder... he might refer to the fact that each house has the same weapon made to their liking and therefore, limiting the use of those is a bit pointless since everyone uses the same.

Still, what concerns me the most is about implementing the different rules about weaponry (i kinda expect that when an Escher sees a power hammer she knows how to use it, thing is if the decide to limit weapons by house as well). Because many weapons have a bit of a conundrum when going into the videogame department, like the autogun and its rapid fire rule, which can make it a broken weapon quite quickly.

You are correct yes as you can get most of the bolter family, just not the variants.

Aesthetics I am all for, just not breaking the game. Which I see problems with because of the stats base like Mordheim. Example, Orlock autoguns get +2 to a clip. A clip which shouldn't matter as the ammo comes down to a roll.

What problems do you see with the rapid fire roll? Had a think about it and could come down to A.I. bunching up, could exploit it with say cheap Cawdor/ Chaos etc with autoguns as part of a group activation with a clean up det charge. Tricky to get around though as people do actually do this in the game.

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Stats wise, i really hope they do some changes respect Mordheim when it comes to weapons. For example, when it comes to damage a las pistol shouldo do more damage than a stub gun, but being around the same ballpark (Stub gun deals 15-19 damage and Las gun deals 17-20 damage). I'm also for to make weaker weapons more functional, because i never used knives in Mordheim because of how ridiculously low damage they did even with the ambush damage bonus. For example, Stub guns deal low damage, but you could put that since they are light and easy to use, they get a +10% chance to hit. Or Las weapons have higher crit chance, etc...

And as for Rapid fire, the problem comes to implement it into the game. If they go for "You keep shooting until you ran out of ammo" it can be quite a broken special rule, specially with Autoguns. But if they balance it a bit with adding a stacking to hit penalty per shot, that would be ok. And when it comes to ammo, i kinda hope they go for Xcom ammo style: Every weapon has an ammo meter that accounts for a certain amount of shots. This can be increased with extended magazines.

All for stregnthening the weaker weapons. That's Necro - everything can kill you, say a juve with a knife can still get lucky.
Like the functionality on the TT with the bonuses weapons give you I.E. The fighting knife with backstab giving you attacks with +1str from behind. Makes it still very dangerous.
With rapid fire I thought you would mean being able to distribute hits to targets within a radius of the initial target.

Perhaps having auto fire as a random mechanic like a roll for shota with ammo count or auto fire with no ammo count and the jam/ammo rolls?

Me too. Specially for making them more fuctional rather than making them overall stronger. For example, with the knife, which even with the ambush damage bonus doesn't deal much damage. I would like that instead of the damage bonus, it gets armor piercing on ambush attacks, giving a heafty head start to your gangers against heavily armored enemies.

It could be like that or also concentrarte the up to 3 attacks on a single target, which is quite damn strong and can bring some heavy dudes quite fast. Still, i think it would be better to make it a skill your weapon has. You use it and it gives you free attacks with your autogun/autopistol until you run out of ammo, but each consecutive shot gets a -15 stacking penalty to your next shot. But i dunno, for me it's quite complicated.

Would like to see them ditch hit points all together and go to wounds, like the table. A digitized rules port would be great. Get folk into the hobby aswell like blood bowl. Could possibly lend weight to each other.

Main thing I'm wanting is to have a custom campaign. Can pick your campaign type like dome rush etc from the new version which could change over time keeping things fresh and also a challenge. Starting with an experienced and or random gang with it's own character forcing you, if you wish, out your comfort zone. Even starting with a small struggling gang and a legendary character. A tactical map between games where you can see loads of oppertunities which may provide bonuses to your trade, maybe an advantage in a battle in an ajoined zone, maybe aincient STC tech with crazy benefits.. Have the different campaign random happenings month to month or every couple of months or even chose how often before you start a game.

The potential for free form replayability is massive and I hope it is. Been waiting on a Necro game for over 20 years.. kinda terrified aswell.