Early Map has a lot of glitches, Antonovskiy especially SE region near the special trailer one can drive on thin air.

Highlights flicker ~ it's not trying to 'mimic' and effect, at sunset especially sunrays and corresponding highlights on ground or vehicles blink.

Tip -Over factor is too strong, this map has a lot of the characteristics of the early maps, in fact I've driven Factory Grounds previously.

Has a nice mud feeling, it's more like Spintires, but the tip over for the giggles is back too.

Tree in mud break and disappear. *** I note this as a case of consistency, I am more used to this behaviour. Someone working on other maps, or who continue work from someone else, often make the same trees indestructible.

I'm making my way around the maps, small, but reasonable well made, maybe too much of a glitch passing North on Antonovskiy through the rocky island passage ~ hit boxes need attention. Drive a truck n trailer over it and you'll find it.