It's a shame

You want to be an international company but a lot of mods and maps published on steam are in russian and cyrilic alphabet i have nothing against russian people but it's really boring

The devs are not going to translate all the Russian mods and they are not going to forbid all mods that are in Russian only...
At best they could encourage Russian modders to translate in English.

But then, why English people should not translate their mods in Russian?
I'm sure there are Russian players who don't speak English and don't know Latin alphabet.

I would say it isn't boring, but more of a challenge. There's a lovely FREEWARE Tu-144 Charger for MS flight sim (FSX), but as you can imagine, all it's various panels and instrumentation are labelled in Russian and Cyrillic lettering. Needless to say, I've not got it working 😒 Maybe I should undertake a Russian language course? Some of my favourite aircraft are Sukhois and MiGs 🕶

Thanks to MR and this very forum I now know what "og-nee-o-pasno" means on the side of the fuel trucks 👍 👨🏻🚒 👨🏻🚒

@jiefko92 let's see, it is a russian game made by a russian guy, that happened to be published first by an british company and now by a french company. yet many people from all over the world play it, so who's language should the game fall under then? well most obvious would be russian of course.

seriously though anyone can upload their mods and only make sense it will be in their native language. i mean i am american, so if i release something it would be in english, not russian or french or whatever. i expect the same from anyone else from another country. from my experience most people from other countries use a translator when talking to people, so what is so hard about it, if once and a while we have to use a translator ourselves?

Hi there, @Jiefko92!

You're more than welcome to create your own mods that use English or a language that you're more comfortable with.

We want to encourage all walks of life to play our games, here at Focus Home Interactive, and we certainly would never consider telling people to not create in their own language. You can always use a translator to check what the names of these mods are.

It's getting worse when people use transliterations within mods: russian addon names writte in latin, i.e. "bort", "remont", "zapaska" - for "carriage", "utility" and "spare wheel" respectively.

@iyagovos said in It's a shame:

We want to encourage all walks of life to play our games, here at Focus Home Interactive, and we certainly would never consider telling people to not create in their own language. You can always use a translator to check what the names of these mods are.

Then maybe you guys can fix it so we can translate it. Instead of trying to translate the untranslatable/WTF-ever/totally incomprehensible nonsense/no language known to man stuff that we see in the game is.


So you see? It really has NOTHING to do with "walks of life" or using one's "own language". Or any kind of discrimination. It has to do with the messed up script that gets generated by the game, and is screwing it up BIG TIME!!!

EDIT: Never mind. I just found out, on my own, that there already is a fix. And that it's really up to modders to use it. It might be helpful if they even knew about it though. Which apparently many DO NOT! Big it's undocumented. Which is the game dev's responsibility. So you might want to at least do that.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
-<String Value="Utopia" Id="level_Bax_utopia">
<Language Id="ru">Утопия</Language>

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@mudhappy said in It's a shame:

<Language Id="ru">Утопия</Language>

So you have a fix? Where is this located?

@mackboss said in It's a shame:

So you have a fix? Where is this located?

You're looking at it.

In the zipped folder containing the map in question. Specifically in the randomly named XML Document with this bit:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
- <ModStrings>
      - <String Id="Utopia" Id="level_Bax_utopia">
         <Language Id="ru">Утопия</Language>

Which you can typically find here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\675010\

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I think the Steam Workshop itself should have language translation integrated so if a Russian uploads it would be in English to us but still Russian to them.

Я думаю, что сам Steam-семинар должен иметь интегрированный языковой перевод, поэтому, если русская загрузка будет на английском языке для нас, но все-таки русская для них.

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@a-slice-of-pizza I dont think Steam should be held responsible for what the creators make and name using whatever language they speak.

but that could work.

Or Mudrunner could have a translator integrated when selecting maps...

Even the best translator is not as smart as you are.

For example, take that code segment and try and translate it in google translate.

Although I appreciate it can be a pain, considering the amount of time and effort anyone who is modding puts into the actual activity, the overhead in copy/pasting the occasional foreign phrase over into google translate manually and rewording does not in itself strike me as breaking the experience.

Alternatively set chrome to translate the page from russian to english / whatever. I'm sure that will catch 80% of them.

Either way, there is no sensible reason to suggest that this would be in any way the responsibility of the game developer or publisher.

@mexican_420 said in It's a shame:

Firely dangerous! 😃

I love that if I type 'ogneopasno' into google translate, it comes back saying "Did you mean огнеопасно? = Flammable?" so that even negates the problem of people using transliterations.

I also learned from playing in the window that Ogne = огне = Fire
Oh and that Opasno = опасно = Dangerous.
Oh yes. And that Pasno doesn't mean anything.
But that пасно means 'fluently' and not Nacho.
But that got me thinking.
Ah! Nacho in Russian is 'Начо'
Aw. Nacho Libre confuses Google Translate 😞
Hmm. But 'Libre' is 'Free' in French and Spanish
And 'Free' is either Свободно (Svobodno - without restraint) or Бесплатный (Besplatnyy - No Cost)
Svobodno is cool but Besplatnyy is possible the coolest word I heard this week.
I know that Начо is not pronounced as it looks.
Nonetheless "Nacho Libre" will from now on be known as "Hi-Ho Besplattny!"

Did someone say earlier this was boring? Use your imagination. Or take your meds.

Lots of meds 🙂

I still prefer 'Firely Dangerous' to Flammable.

I wonder what "Boom Ouch" is in Cyrillic?


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That just gave me a mental picture of The Lone Ranger astride Jack Black... "Hi-Ho Besplattny, away!!" LMAO

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@zoglet said in It's a shame:

I wonder what "Boom Ouch" is in Cyrillic?


Translit: Бум ауч
Translat: Бум (бух) ой...
бух ой... бухой... =drunk
You knew that, aren't you?