Weapon Loadouts Dissapear

When creating loadouts/presets I can successfully save them and the game knows about them when I relaunch the game.
But after a while it just auto-deletes all saved loadouts/presets for no apparent reason.

I suspect it has something to do with:

  • when the game has a new event playlist
  • there is a 2x/3x xp weekend
  • or there is a new update it for some reason overrides the loadouts and clears them

It originally started since the 3x xp event (June 4th) and kept repeating every 1-2 weeks.
It last happened again about yesterday (July 16th) when the "Big Money" domination playlist got released.

Same thing here.
Lost my loadouts 2 times recently.

It's an incredibly frustrating bug; I noticed it ever since the Exodus 1.10 patch. Seemed like every new launch would wipe the Theater.json until I deleted the file, then seemed to improve to only daily that launching the game would wipe the contents of the file; it would keep loadouts for a day but wipe them on launch sometime within 24 hours.

Turned off Steam Cloud for Sandstorm and that seemed to keep them stored for an extra day, but then after, the named presets would still get wiped and only whatever was the last used loadout for a given class became its temp "default" in the Theater.json, if and only if that given class had been modified since the game was last launched (meaning, any class that hadn't been used in the last client session was still an unmodified default)

While in a new session, clicking on the actual "default" preset would reset any modified temp-default in the file back to the game's defined default—which don't ever appear in the Theater.json

Not sure if my efforts were really effectual or if any changes/workarounds actually had to do with server-side changes as I did notice playlists changing a couple of times over the past week or so of trying to troubleshoot.

Here we go again.
Lost all my presets today 😢

And once again today.
Tired of being forced to rebuild all these loadouts presets.
Any suggestion ? Any bug ticket related ?

Apparently, a related bug was fixed w/the release of the Exodus 1.10 patch (5/18/21):

But yet the current issue seemed to crop up that same time and was added to their known issues nine days later:

It's interesting that none of the other .json files seem to have this problem, and our locally stored Theater.json seems to serve no purpose at this time. I've tried replacing the AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\SaveGames\Profile\Theater.json with various backups and launch the game and verify that the data remains but is not read and upon subsequent launch, the data remains (albeit w/updated modify date on app closure) but still isn't being read from.

Turned back on Steam Cloud for Sandstorm and same thing—doesn't matter what data is in the local file as the game doesn't seem to read from it (only writes to it when in matches or wipes it on relaunch when playlists change).

Any loudouts set inside a match seem to overwrite data in the local file, but the game still only seems to read from somewhere server-side. Additionally, any time the game wipes any loudouts, it still seems to retain the last used "default" per class of the most previous session (from wherever it's located server-side).

None of the suggested workarounds found on Steam forums and elsewhere have worked, so, yay...fun bug; hope it's resolved by patch 1.11.

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